Sheep farm & Mass

Meet George who lives on an Australian sheep farm. Can you help him with some chores

BBQ Party - Number

Are you hungry? Join Jane on her BBQ Party and help her count the food items.

Snorkeling Great Barrier Reef

Join Mel and Alba and find out more about 3D shapes and the position of objects.

Music Center

Join Sue in the Music center and help her count the instruments.

Truck Stop - 2D Shapes

Join Nicole at the truck-stop to find different shapes and sort them by size.

Surfing/Beach - Number

Join Maddie and Steve at the beach and help them count forwards and backwards to 10.

English Bus - Measurement

Visit London and figure out things like bigger, smaller, empty, half full and full.

Living in the Mill - Numbers

Visit Tania who lives in a mill in the Netherlands and help her count her flowers.

Pizza (Italian) Restaurant

Visit Papa Barone's Pizza Restaurant and learn about different ages and lengths.

Russian Toy Store - Time

Igor has trouble with the difference between daytime and nighttime and more. Help him get back on track in his....

Orange Trees, Olive Trees - Addition

Learn how to count to 30 and use 5 as a base in counting by helping Eduardo in his orchard.

Eiffel Tower - Patterns

Pierre lives in Paris near the Eiffel tower. Join him to find out more about patterns.

Ice Cream Shop - Numbers

Can you help Adine in her ice cream shop count all the ice creams?

Igloo - Time

Visit Antarctica and help Yutu plan his week.

Penguins - Addition

Meet Pickles the penguin and visit Antarctica for an addition adventure.

Husky Sled - Shape & Space

Visit the huskies at Antarctica and find out more about the position and movement of objects.

Fisher Boat - Subtraction

Frankie is fishing in Antarctica. Can you help him count how many fish he has caught?

Fashion Store - Mass & Capacity

Penny the penguin owns a fashion store. Let's find out what people wear at Antarctica.

Wild Park - Number

Lono needs help counting animals and berries. Can you help him?

Market Place - Position & Length

Visit this African market and find out more about the position and length of different objects.

Bus Station - Ordinal Numbers

Imani goes on a wild park tour! Can you help her count?

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