Is He The Right Guy For You?

How To Tell If He’s The One
Is He The Right Guy For You?
So you’re dating a man, and within a date or two, you’re falling head over heels. Pheromones can do that, physical attraction is immediate, but the draw can be, unfortunately, superficial. To get some insight into the bigger question—whether the two of you can go the distance–is a bit trickier and requires some hard questions and self-reflection.
How to tell if he’s the right guy for you is a uniquely individual process. It’s funny how that works. It may seem as if everyone you know has an idea of who should be your perfect next spouse or partner. But only you can know if someone has the potential to be a solid match. Need help figuring out how that goes? Try answering these highly pertinent questions.
Does he have a sense of humor that dovetails with yours?
Does he make you laugh? Are your waking/sleeping schedules compatible? It’s a bummer to make it work when he’s a perpetually early riser and you’re the lie-in type.
Do you like the same kind of food? Drink about the same amount of alcohol?
If you’ve been dating long enough for him to meet your friends and family, does he get along with them?
Do you get along with his?
What about kids—yours and his? Do you like his ? Do yours like him?
Are you about equally adventurous when it comes to taking risks?
Do you have the same views about money?
Is he more extravagant than you—or a whole lot stingier?
How well do you work together on a shared project?
Do you think he’s too smart–or not nearly as smart as you?
Do you like the way he solves problems, even minor ones?
Do you respect him? Does he respect you?
If you can answer these questions honestly and still feel good, it’s entirely possible that you’ve met the person who’s right for you. Of course there are other factors that come into play such as physical attraction, financial matters, and geography. Chances are you’ve already been in a relationship where the other person was less than ideally suited to you. History doesn’t have to be repeated it’s all up to you. But a good way to start building a solid relationship is asking yourself some questions and giving yourself some honest answers.


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