What is Love?

admin Comments 0 September 1, 2018

Do you know what is love? Maybe you knows well. I think love is a patience, its never angry, love is more sweetest things, loves never lies etc. but now a days most of the people love each others only for his/her money. Its not actual love. It’s given little ans like a jokes but its real things what is written by me. Love is pinching its always pinch and pinch, when pinching has been finished then its only burns and burns. Someone thinks love is only for interest it’s okay, but men & women are equal in God eyes. someone says, love is only sex and kisses, yeah it’s right, but do you know why God given a girl? They are half of men’s. so if one portion is damage you can not able to do anything. You can think normally if one finger is cut down, then how you feel? maybe bad. Love is God…. He is our great and good love.


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